I am John, Your .

I have an extensive experience of 45 years in the financial services industry, from banking to management to senior financial planning. 

What I Do

Everybody needs a financial strategy and have a plan. I can help you set one up so you can make financial decisions with full confidence.

Who Am I

With a realistic and “bite-sized” approach to personal finance management, I have mentored many Australian families in setting and achieving their financial goals with this step-by-step Personal Money System.

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Why Choose Me

I can help you achieve financial freedom through our unique coaching method. Our method includes:

De-stress & simplify

Become Financially Aware

Learn As You Go model of coaching

Free (No Obligation) Counselling

Maximise Income Potential

Accommodate Daily & Personal Expenses

My Client Comments

I have helped over 3000 people in Australia and more across the globe. Here is what my clients say about the difference I was able to make in their lives by teaching them better financial management.

Hi John, Will and I have got our money issues all sorted out thanks to you! I would like to take this time to thank you so very much for all your help, without you and what you have done for us we would be sitting in a lot of debt


Canberra ACT

With a combined income of $170 K plus, we did not pay much attention to how and what we were spending our money on. Focus your Money has guided us financially though a number of life changing events. We would like to thank John at Focus Your Money for your support and guidance.


Canberra ACT

John’s coaching process helped me uncover and identify the things that were holding me back and preventing me from seeing the possibilities and benefits inherent in a change. His step-by-step process and insightful counsel on financial matters taught me how to better approach reaching my goals


Canberra ACT

John has provided us with the right tools to live better financially. You have changed our way of thinking with money and its been good to work off a budget, even though at times its blown out. Thank you John de Ridder for your great guidance over the past 3 years

Marc and Renee Hageraats

Canberra ACT


Have any questions?

Yes. But, we wont know that until we look at what your expenses are going to be over the next 12 months.

Don’t be, as I have been in this industry since 1976 I have seen it all. It is all behind you now. Lets look forward and start planning.

Changing behaviors and spending habits can be hard, that is why I will hold your hand for 12 months so I know that you will be OK.

Because Accountants are collating last years tax figures into this years tax return. I deal with your everyday personal spending and where to allocate that money “so you can pay every bill, on time, all the time.”

Focus Your Money

“Focus Your Money will teach you how to increase your income by taking control of your money. You most likely have a surplus income that is being “frittered away” unnecessarily. I will teach you how to manage and grow your money. Do you ever find yourself dreaming about a financially prosperous future, but you lack a definite plan? Or are you worried that if you don’t make changes now, you’ll never reach your goals? I can help you create a clear vision and concrete success plan.” — John de Ridder

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I can help you create a clear vision and concrete success plan.

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